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offshore pipes and fittings  Corsan supplies all classes of plumbing pipes and fittings in ISO-600-900 psi tested, up to 800mm in size. redseparator TYPES:
  • Screwed or welded
  • Compression copper
  • Flared or flareless
  • Plastic, nylon, & steel
  • Pipe connectors
offshore pipes and fittings
offshore pumps  Corsan supplies customers with the right type of pump for their application and all spare parts are stocked and readily available. redseparator TYPES:
  • Circulating pump
  • Feed pump
  • Vacuum pump
  • Slurry pump
  • Suction pump
  • and many more
offshore pumps
rigging wires and cables  Corsan offers a full range of wire, rope and cables up to 6” (150mm) in diameter, fabricated by industry specialists. All wire and cables are certified and manufactured for performance. redseparator TYPES:
  • Galvanized wire of all construction
  • Nylon rope
  • Tarred rope
  • Black
        Cables Wires Corsan
roll stock film  Protect your product with quality seals that retains freshness ensuring longer shelf life. Corsan offers the best quality roll stock films at great prices. redseparator TYPES:
  • Polyethylene
  • Coextruded
  • Metallized
  • Polypropylene
  • Laminated
  • and more
roll stock film
sprayer and equiment  Whether for washing or blasting, regular, painting machine or both. Corsan offers the right equipment for the job. redseparator TYPES:
  • Electric
  • Electrostatic
  • Plasma spray
  • Pneumatic
  • Air & airless
  • Thermal spray
sprayer and equiment
tools  Corsan carries a full line of prestigious name brands in hand, electric, pneumatic measurement tools for all your projects. Also available, spark-proof tools for hazardous areas and selections for professionals. redseparator TYPES:
  • Hand tools (all capacity)
  • Pneumatic grinders
  • Chippers
  • Micrometers