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Marine Generators  A full line of generators and parts. Whether for primary or back-up power, Corsan supplies power you can rely on. redseparator TYPES:
  • Prime or back-up power
  • Insulated or bare
  • Single or tri-phasic
  • With any cooling device required
  • Silent
  • and more
marine navigation
container handling  width=  Cargo grabs for all weight capacities. No matter the lifting need, Corsan offers accurate and reliable grabs. redseparator TYPES:
  • Electro-hydraulic
  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Grapples
  • Bales clamp
  • and more
heat exchanger  Made in Canada to all standards and specifications, Corsan offers a complete line of heat exchangers to solve all issues with overheating. redseparator TYPES:
  • Train engines
  • Train wagons
  • Marine
  • Industrial buildings
          Heatexchanger Corsan
hoists and pullers  Whether you have a small or large boat we can supply a large range of hoists and pullers in hand type, electric and pneumatic. redseparator TYPES:
  • Hand pullers and hoists (All capacities)
  • Eletric lifting devices (All voltages)
  • Pneumatic (1/4 to 25 PSI capacity)
Hoist Puller Corsan
Corsan offers a complete range of leading edge lift trucks and parts with the quickest turnaround time on delivery. redseparator TYPES:
  • Gas, propane or diesel driver
  • Electric lift trucks
  • stock picker
  • Personal carrier
  • Elctric tour tracker
office supplies  A complete range of furniture and accessories for office use. From bond paper to electronics, desks and chairs, phones and printers. Metric paper sizes available. redseparator TYPES:
  • Office furniture
  • Paper, metric & imperial size
  • Printer cartridges
  • Notebooks, folders, etc
office supplies