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offshore pipes and fittings  Corsan supplies all classes of plumbing pipes and fittings in ISO-600-900 psi tested, up to 800mm in size. redseparator TYPES:
  • Screwed or welded
  • Compression copper
  • Flared or flareless
  • Plastic, nylon, & steel
  • Pipe connectors
      Pipes Fittings Corsan
offshore pumps  Corsan supplies customers with the right type of pump for their application and all spare parts are stocked and readily available. redseparator TYPES:
  • Circulating pump
  • Feed pump
  • Vacuum pump
  • Slurry pump
  • Suction pump
  • and many more
      Pumps Corsan
sprayer and equiment  Whether for washing or blasting, regular, painting machine or both. Corsan offers the right equipment for the job. redseparator TYPES:
  • Electric
  • Electrostatic
  • Plasma spray
  • Pneumatic
  • Air & airless
  • Thermal spray
       Sprayer Equipment Corsan
tools  Corsan carries a full line of prestigious name brands in hand, electric, pneumatic measurement tools for all your projects. Also available, spark-proof tools for hazardous areas and selections for professionals. redseparator TYPES:
  • Hand tools (all capacity)
  • Pneumatic grinders
  • Chippers
  • Micrometers
tugboats and spare parts  Corsan offers a wide variety of tugboats and spare parts with the quickest turnaround time available. Whether for sea, river, or harbor, Corsan supplies great quality, fast. redseparator TYPES:
  • Seagoing tugboats
  • River tugboats
  • Harbour tugboats
  • and many more
        Tugboats Corsan
welding equipment  All welding equipments are supplied by industry leaders. Whether for oxy/acet, mis, electric, tis laser, or plasma, Corsan can supply equipment and accessories manufactured by the most reliable names in the industry. redseparator TYPES:
  • Semi-automatic & automatic
  • Gas metal, submerged, flux-cored arc
  • Electroslag
  • Laser & electron beam
  • Electromagnetic pulse
  • Friction stir
          WeldingEquipment Corsan